Our Services

GLnet offers professional web site design and development, information graphics, corporate identity and logo design, photo imaging and illustration, animation, rich media presentations, usability consulting, and Internet marketing consulting. Integrating a network of designers, programmers and internet marketing experts, we incorporate our clients' business strategy and marketing goals with a rich, unique and creative computer based presentation.

Services, quality, culture,
process and results.

Discover great service, the right technology, and the best solution for your product.

Services and Results

By being small we are flexible and yet can operate as a full service agency and can handle any large scale project.
And as an individual contractor, we are capable of becoming part of your team, handling any phase of your design project.

Understanding your user base, we facilitate and share this understanding with your team. You have to know your audience as you know yourself. There is the difference between doing your best and fussing. Creating an experience is learning, testing and not refining.

Design Process

Any design process starts with a clean piece of paper and wire-framing is the first step in the design process. Like bones on human body, it's the way to layout content and functionality at the structural level. There is no color, no influence by design, just simple understanding of elements on the page and how they communicate, interact. This is the first step to creating experience, belief that’s burning within you that your ideas feed off. That’s the heart of it.